Keepers Of The Dance
Keepers Of The Dance
Keepers Of The Dance

By Bob Myrick

The Keepers Of The Dance was started in 1998 by the
Beach Shaggers National Hall Of Fame to honor former
junior shaggers who have continued to participate in our
dance, music, and lifestyle after their junior years and
have been instrumental in "keeping" the dance and
music alive.  The brain child of Harry Driver and Chick
Hedrick, fostered by Vickie Carter and a host of other
Hall of Famers, this organization has grown and
flourished over the years.

Each year during Spring Shag Attack weekend in March,
the "Keepers" committee meets and select a male and
female to be inducted in October along with the Hall Of
Fame Inductions.  In February of the following year each
new inductee's picture and biography are hung with the
past inductees in "Keepers Corner" now located in Fat
Harolds Beach Club.

The first annual Keepers of the Dance contest was
held at Fat Harolds Beach Club on February 19 & 20,
2010.  Highlights of the weekend included a final
qualifying contest on Friday night, introduction of the
2009 inductees, a cocktail party for sponsors, judges,
and contestants Saturday afternoon, and the finals on
Saturday night.  Fat Harold and staff were great hosts as
usual.  The club was packed both nights, and everyone
enjoyed a great party and the best shag contest in recent
Over $5,000.00 in prize money was awarded to the
winners in the Junior, Senior, and Open divisions.  Most
of the "Keepers" were in attendance and many had
qualified to dance in the Open division finals.

As a result of the success of this first contest, it has
become an annual event held at Fat Harolds Beach Club
each February based on the same weekend format as at
the original.  This would not be possible without the
continuing support of the contest’s wonderful sponsors,
which include Fat Harolds, many Beach Shaggers
National Hall Of Famers, other shag club owners, the
NSDC, the GNDC, Our Time, many local businesses, and
the great patrons of Fat Harolds and supporters of the
dance who attend.  To learn more about this year’s
contest look on the “Keepers Contest Schedule,” “Contest
Flyers” and “Keepers Contest Results” sections of this

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